Biden, Palin Debate

October 2, 2008


Starting this thing, same rules, same things, same parties, just different people.


Coin toss? Fair? Biden starts….

Economy…..Biden talks about what Obama says: home owners, tax payers are investors, CEO’s don’t benefit, has a plan….Focus on middle class, not focus on CEO’s and wealthy

Palin: McCain? Reform? Doesn’t Obama stand more for change?


Stop the genocide!!!! More police!!! Friends on both sides!

McCain said economy was strong? Really? Out of touch….Biden says…

New energy? New commitment? New reform?

Isn’t that Obama’s thing, not McCain’s?


Palin – Lender’s fault for economy….Don’t be exploited, demand strict over sight, don’t get in debt, don’t live outside our means, don’t get taken advantage of…. “Soccer moms”.


Biden – Middle class needs tax relief, more money, less hard times

Palin, really? Tax relief with less taxes, but how is the government supposed to get money to help the economy?


Twitters are commenting on how Palin keeps winking at the camera and is following a script and is looking at the camera and looking nervous…..Des she look at nothing else? Not at Biden? Not at the audience out there? Not the stand? Just the audience through the camera?


Middle class? Is Palin really middle class?


Biden – Small businesses get no tax raises with Obama’s plan, McCain taxes those that have health benefits to give money to those that don’t have it which equals the real bridge to nowhere; therefore, McCain’s health care program is the ultimate bridge to Nowhere.


Palin is scripted, is rushed through her lines, is saying McCain won’t break any promise? What about Letterman? Did she forget about McCain leaving Letterman for Couric?

More money for Exxon mobile? More profit? No more bills for gas? Four billion tax cut for them?


Blinking, winking, speed talking, no specifics, sound biting, does Plain not know her specifics?


Biden’s and Obama’s plan for the banks and housing markets sounds good, helping people staying in their homes, helping banks from going under, helping economy…


Topic changes, dodging questions, can Palin answer questions? Twitters want an answer to that and to the questions asked of her!! She knows about energy…Does she not know about anything else?


Senator O’Biden? Obama and Biden equals O’Biden. Screw up on Palin’s part!!

Only tolerant of those who choose same sex partners? Diverse family? Contracts and visiting right acceptable but doesn’t believe same sex marriage…No answering the question directed at her, but…she agrees with Biden! If only agreeing since she’s scripted, and can’t respond to Biden’s free shots.


More troops, grow military, no quitting in Iraq….Pull out…but not so on….

Obama has a plan, even Bush has a plan, McCain doesn’t have exact plan….McCain doesn’t have an end in sight, Obama does….

Counterattack, opposes surge, pullout is a white flag of surrender, surges works, victory in sight..Doesn’t victory equal end? Victory and pullout are both ends in sight, but…


“CNN’s uncommitted voter tracker is nearly off the chart during Biden’s response on “the greatest threat””

“Na-ivah-tay?” Bush pronunciation? Really now?

Pronunciation of words, Palin, enunciation, through out all of all of your answers, some words are not pronounced well…


“So the dictators and Palin seem to be in agreement? They hate our freedoms, our women’s rights…”

She keeps saying Nuke-u-lar, pronunciation, Palin, pronunciation!!!!


Always smiling, no emotion changes, not like Biden, at least he seems serious most of the time instead of happy..Always smiling, always happy, is she serious? “Change is commin’!”

“I haven’t heard how his policy” “is going to be different than George Bush’s!” Vote John McCain, who is same as having another George Bush, just the same thing, that’s not change, Obama is change!!

“Nucular”, Palin, at least correct your pronunciation!!!


“biden = facts & plans, palin = rambling generalities?” Twitters finding Biden far better at explaining points, answering questions, not hip-hop-skipping-and-jumping topics, though Twitters find her better looking….Image or facts, which is more important?


Back to economy again, Palin…..skipping and hopping from topic to topic…..Hop, skip, jump…Are we playing hop-scotch? Palin is playing hop-scotch with her topics…

“Obama: Fresh, energetic vs. McCain: Old, stubborn. Biden: Mature, experienced vs. Palin: Clueless, clueless.”

“McCain knows how to win a war? Did we win in Vietnam?”

Twitters don’t seem to much like Palin, though there are a few out there that seem to comment on her/McCain’s side/against Biden/Obama….


The word “Maverick” again, “greed”, “corruption” again, “working class family”, “inaction of congress” again.

Doesn’t McCain work in Congress? So he doesn’t do anything, Palin?

“Middle class has gotten the short end” “Obama will change it.”


“debate biden palin – anyone watching the CNN meter… pretty flat for palin ” Even if she gets some laughs in the audience, more votes go for Biden….

Palin thinks that everyone knows what the VP does? What about the uninformed people?


Biden tells what he’ll do as Vice President, good, people need to be told, especially those people who don’t know…Constitution has specific rule for vice president….


A beacon of hope? With the economy the way it is?

Democracy, freedom, equal rights?

Biden refuses to change, except for agreeing to Obama’s change and being against McCain’s ‘change’….

Biden understands single parenting, admits he’s much better off now, but “I understand” and he knows people are looking for “help”.

McCain is “Maverick” again….Both Palin and McCain went up against their own party….


Biden says McCain is a Maverick that the people don’t want, has agreed with Bush most of the time, not been one when it comes to children, war, virtually anything that affects anything that is talked about around the kitchen table….

Biden’s emotionally connected to the crowd, especially where he looked like he was choking up about a child who might not make it. Biden’s best moment of the night.


Biden against those who make ‘change’ that’s bad for people, matters what your judiciary policy/ideology is….

Bipartisanship, work across the aisle, never question motives, fundamental change that Obama will bring…

Diverse family, says Palin, but only in the political sense, apparently….


Answer questions? She has seemed scripted the whole time….

Closing speeches really interesting, a wonderful close, finish off finally….

“Biden handled himself very well, and Palin didn’t totally suck.” Just one of many Twitterers who agree, match, concur that Biden wins…

And now, off to go plot, scheme, and devise the demise the destruction of those PowerPuff Girls….

-Mojo Jojo


Bat Gaffe-o-meter

October 2, 2008

(8:02) Before we even begin the debate. Palin – “Hey, can I call you Joe?” – How sweet, twitter explodes with chatter.

(Palin 1 / Biden 0)

(8:06) Palin brings up McCain’s campaign suspension. Seems like a bad time to remind America about McCain’s failure to save the economy.

(8:08) Nice rebuttal by Palin on McCain’s “economy is sound” quote. “He was talking to and talking about the American work force.” She even throws a little wink in there, not sure how I feel about that one.

(8:12) “Joey how much did it cost you to fill up your tank?” “I don’t know Joe, I never have enough money to do it” great quote Biden. Really hits home on the issues middle class America is facing.

(8:13) Biden- “Tacis” bit of a tounge slip there…

(Palin 1 / Biden 1)

(8:14) Oh, snap! The bull dog bites back, but gets cut off. Too bad, she was on a roll there.

(8:16) Biden saves himself from a few technicality gaffes. Changes are different from a break and millions are much different than billions. Well done sir.

(8:17) Palin is middle class? Depends on what you call middle class I guess…

(8:20) Biden drops a Bridge to Nowhere bomb on Palin. Laughter from the “silent” crowd.
(8:22) Biden can’t quite get characterized out.

(Palin 1 / Biden 2)

(8:22) Biden- “I don’t have time cause the light is blinking”

(Palin 1 / Biden 3)

(8:24) Palin – “I’ve been at this what, 5 weeks?”

(Palin 2 / Biden 3)

(8:26) Biden links Obama tax cut to a tax cut Palin gave residents of Alaska. Way to show America how maverick Palin is by going against a tax plan she once supported.

(8:30) Palin seems jittery, lots of movement behind the podium. Um… didn’t America say no to the Kyoto Treaty? I think that makes us the irresponsible ones. At least she knows that climate change is not entirely man mad as opposed to Biden.

(Palin 3 / Biden 4)

(8:34) “Senator O-Biden” fumble on Palin’s part.

(Palin 4 / Biden 4)

(8:35) Biden tries to clear up his rope line gaffe. Wants to send the clean coal technology to China.

(8:36) Biden says he and Obama support same-sex benefits. Palin says she will be tolerant, but doesn’t support changing the definition of marriage. Biden agrees with Palin saying he and Obama. Palin doesn’t state McCain’s stance. Something tells me they disagree on this issue.

(8:41) “I didn’t hear a plan” and Biden throws another punch. Starts talking about ending war in Iraq and he and Obama are going to do it to boot.

(8:42) Palin a bit speechless after Biden’s attack. Claims giving up now would wave a white flag.

(8:44) I should have started counting how many time Biden says “Fundamental”. (Update: It’s #6)

(8:45) Another “Fundamental” from Biden (Update: #9)

(8:48) Palin – “Naive-tae” That’s a bit too folksy for me thanks.

(8:50) Biden talks in the third person? (Update: His third time apparently)

(8:54) Heavy sigh from Biden as Palin talks foreign policy. It seems like he’s getting agitated.

(8:54) “Looking backwards and pointing fingers” Palin hits Obama/Biden hard on their forward thinking stance. Biden responds fairly well with a McCain = Bush comparison.
(8:56) Biden – “George Bushes” mark another one for Biden. Wouldn’t have been so bad if he hadn’t repeated it over and over and over again, but I guess he was trying to drive a point home.

(Palin 4 / Biden 5)

(8:58) “Let me say that again” I think we heard you the first time Joe.

(9:00) Palin and Biden arguing about what McClellan said. They remind me of children the way they’re arguing back and forth.

(9:01) Biden knows his foreign groups “Serbs, Croats and Bosniaks” without hesitation or skipping a beat.

(9:03) Palin doesn’t get it, Biden is attacking McCain. She needs to be aiming for Obama instead of pointing out Biden’s changes in policy.

(9:06) Twitterland praising Biden for his comparison of McCain to Cheny. If that’s the case I hope Palin doesn’t take McCain Moose hunting. Another explosion from twitter as Palin claims John McCain knows how to win a war. Most users pointing out he knows how crash planes some of them hyperbolizing the facts.

(9:07) A tough question “What would you do if you became president?” Biden says he’s going to stick with Obama’s plans. Palin winks and says she’s a maverick.

(9:09) Palin’s word of the night is “Main Street”

(9:11) “I say it ain’t so Joe” Really? Tack another one on for Palin.

(Palin 5 / Biden 5)

(9:12) “Shout out to those 3rd graders” She’s on a roll folks.

(Palin 6 / Biden 5)

(9:13) Palin tries to rectify one of her interview answers. Not quite sure I believe her on this one, and even if she was joking that was not the place nor the time to be trying to get a laugh out of someone.

(9:14) Voted best phrase to take out of context “John McCain tapped me and said, That’s where I need ya”

(9:18) Palin reminds everyone that she was the governor of a HUGE state (Filled with practically no one. Only 1.1 people per square mile)

(9:20) Biden chokes as he talks about having to play the role of a single parent. (Update: Possibly the most powerful moment of this debate. Biden levels with Americans and shows us a soft side at the same time.)

(9:22) Freaudian slip by Palin “He is the man we need to leave — lead” That’s gonna be circulated for a couple days.

(Palin 7 / Biden 5)

(9:23) Biden attacks McCain on his “Maverick” status. Points out he’s not a maverick on issues that “people talk about around the kitchen table”

(9:27) Biden talks about questioning judgment instead of questioning motives to bring bipartisan politics to an end. Palin talks about her diverse family (since she doesn’t have a whole lot of that Washington experience).

(9:29) Palin’s closing remarks. Takes a shot at how the media has been portraying her before going into a well spoken (although highly scripted) tale of how “We don’t pass it to our children in the bloodstream; we have to fight for it and protect it, and then hand it to them so that they shall do the same”.

(9:30) Biden’s closing remarks. Talks about how he and Obama mark progress “on whether or not someone can pay their mortgage, whether or not they can send their kid to college, whether or not they’re able to, when they send their child to fight, that they are the best equipped and they have everything they need.”

So, with the VP debate over we have our standings at

Palin Biden
Gaffes 7 5
Word Main Street: 3 times Fundamental: 11
Quirk Winks: 4 times Third Person reference: 4

Biden threw some good punches attacking McCain/Palin on their maverick status and on their plan for the war in Iraq. Palin hit Obama/Biden back on their progressive thinking stance. Who wo… oh hey, the Bat Signal! Gotta run!


Slip of the Tonge Hits the Mark

August 28, 2008

Joe Biden’s speech at the Democratic National Convention should put to rest any questions about why Obama chose him.

While Biden may not be the most gifted orator, Biden delivered a brilliant performance that rivals some of my monologues about world domination.

Biden’s greatest moment however, came from his Freudian slip where he began to say Bush instead of McCain.

That’s the America that George Bush has left us, and that’s the America we’ll continue to get if George – excuse me, John McCain is elected President of the United States of America. ( approx 8:08 into speech)

Some would argue that the slip of the tongue was done on purpose, but regardless of intention Biden managed to once again link John McCain to George Bush without reusing the joke Hillary Clinton pulled during her speech.