It’s All About Context

September 10, 2008

McCain recently released a new campaign ad attacking Obama on education (specifically sex education).

My biggest problem McCain’s ad is the claim that Obama wants to teach sex education to kindergartners through his support of S.B. 99, passed on 3/6/03.

Look closely at S.B. 99 and decide for yourself if things have been taken out of context here.

If any school district provides courses of instruction designed to promote wholesome and comprehensive understanding of the emotional, psychological, physiological, hygienic and social responsibility aspects of family life, then such courses of instruction shall include the teaching of prevention of unintended pregnancy and all options related to unintended pregnancy, as the alternatives to abortion, appropriate to the various grade levels; and whenever  such courses  of  instruction  are  provided  in any of grades K 6 through 12, then such courses also shall include age appropriate instruction on the prevention of sexually transmitted infections, including the prevention, transmission and spread of HIV AIDS. However, no pupil shall be required to take or participate in any family life class or course on HIV AIDS instruction if his parent or guardian submits written objection thereto, and refusal to take or participate in such course or program shall not be reason for suspension or expulsion of such pupil.

Paragraph 5, Section A

Notice the bill never says “teach kindergarteners sex ed” but instead holds sex education courses accountable for what they teach making sure they teach about sexually transmitted infections and about other alternative to abortion. S.B. 99 also requires that all sex education will be

appropriate to the various grade levels


such courses also shall include age appropriate instruction

If Palin had supported a bill like S.B. 99 do you think she would have taken so much heat last week?

-Ms. Frizzle