Bat Gaffe-o-meter

October 2, 2008

(8:02) Before we even begin the debate. Palin – “Hey, can I call you Joe?” – How sweet, twitter explodes with chatter.

(Palin 1 / Biden 0)

(8:06) Palin brings up McCain’s campaign suspension. Seems like a bad time to remind America about McCain’s failure to save the economy.

(8:08) Nice rebuttal by Palin on McCain’s “economy is sound” quote. “He was talking to and talking about the American work force.” She even throws a little wink in there, not sure how I feel about that one.

(8:12) “Joey how much did it cost you to fill up your tank?” “I don’t know Joe, I never have enough money to do it” great quote Biden. Really hits home on the issues middle class America is facing.

(8:13) Biden- “Tacis” bit of a tounge slip there…

(Palin 1 / Biden 1)

(8:14) Oh, snap! The bull dog bites back, but gets cut off. Too bad, she was on a roll there.

(8:16) Biden saves himself from a few technicality gaffes. Changes are different from a break and millions are much different than billions. Well done sir.

(8:17) Palin is middle class? Depends on what you call middle class I guess…

(8:20) Biden drops a Bridge to Nowhere bomb on Palin. Laughter from the “silent” crowd.
(8:22) Biden can’t quite get characterized out.

(Palin 1 / Biden 2)

(8:22) Biden- “I don’t have time cause the light is blinking”

(Palin 1 / Biden 3)

(8:24) Palin – “I’ve been at this what, 5 weeks?”

(Palin 2 / Biden 3)

(8:26) Biden links Obama tax cut to a tax cut Palin gave residents of Alaska. Way to show America how maverick Palin is by going against a tax plan she once supported.

(8:30) Palin seems jittery, lots of movement behind the podium. Um… didn’t America say no to the Kyoto Treaty? I think that makes us the irresponsible ones. At least she knows that climate change is not entirely man mad as opposed to Biden.

(Palin 3 / Biden 4)

(8:34) “Senator O-Biden” fumble on Palin’s part.

(Palin 4 / Biden 4)

(8:35) Biden tries to clear up his rope line gaffe. Wants to send the clean coal technology to China.

(8:36) Biden says he and Obama support same-sex benefits. Palin says she will be tolerant, but doesn’t support changing the definition of marriage. Biden agrees with Palin saying he and Obama. Palin doesn’t state McCain’s stance. Something tells me they disagree on this issue.

(8:41) “I didn’t hear a plan” and Biden throws another punch. Starts talking about ending war in Iraq and he and Obama are going to do it to boot.

(8:42) Palin a bit speechless after Biden’s attack. Claims giving up now would wave a white flag.

(8:44) I should have started counting how many time Biden says “Fundamental”. (Update: It’s #6)

(8:45) Another “Fundamental” from Biden (Update: #9)

(8:48) Palin – “Naive-tae” That’s a bit too folksy for me thanks.

(8:50) Biden talks in the third person? (Update: His third time apparently)

(8:54) Heavy sigh from Biden as Palin talks foreign policy. It seems like he’s getting agitated.

(8:54) “Looking backwards and pointing fingers” Palin hits Obama/Biden hard on their forward thinking stance. Biden responds fairly well with a McCain = Bush comparison.
(8:56) Biden – “George Bushes” mark another one for Biden. Wouldn’t have been so bad if he hadn’t repeated it over and over and over again, but I guess he was trying to drive a point home.

(Palin 4 / Biden 5)

(8:58) “Let me say that again” I think we heard you the first time Joe.

(9:00) Palin and Biden arguing about what McClellan said. They remind me of children the way they’re arguing back and forth.

(9:01) Biden knows his foreign groups “Serbs, Croats and Bosniaks” without hesitation or skipping a beat.

(9:03) Palin doesn’t get it, Biden is attacking McCain. She needs to be aiming for Obama instead of pointing out Biden’s changes in policy.

(9:06) Twitterland praising Biden for his comparison of McCain to Cheny. If that’s the case I hope Palin doesn’t take McCain Moose hunting. Another explosion from twitter as Palin claims John McCain knows how to win a war. Most users pointing out he knows how crash planes some of them hyperbolizing the facts.

(9:07) A tough question “What would you do if you became president?” Biden says he’s going to stick with Obama’s plans. Palin winks and says she’s a maverick.

(9:09) Palin’s word of the night is “Main Street”

(9:11) “I say it ain’t so Joe” Really? Tack another one on for Palin.

(Palin 5 / Biden 5)

(9:12) “Shout out to those 3rd graders” She’s on a roll folks.

(Palin 6 / Biden 5)

(9:13) Palin tries to rectify one of her interview answers. Not quite sure I believe her on this one, and even if she was joking that was not the place nor the time to be trying to get a laugh out of someone.

(9:14) Voted best phrase to take out of context “John McCain tapped me and said, That’s where I need ya”

(9:18) Palin reminds everyone that she was the governor of a HUGE state (Filled with practically no one. Only 1.1 people per square mile)

(9:20) Biden chokes as he talks about having to play the role of a single parent. (Update: Possibly the most powerful moment of this debate. Biden levels with Americans and shows us a soft side at the same time.)

(9:22) Freaudian slip by Palin “He is the man we need to leave — lead” That’s gonna be circulated for a couple days.

(Palin 7 / Biden 5)

(9:23) Biden attacks McCain on his “Maverick” status. Points out he’s not a maverick on issues that “people talk about around the kitchen table”

(9:27) Biden talks about questioning judgment instead of questioning motives to bring bipartisan politics to an end. Palin talks about her diverse family (since she doesn’t have a whole lot of that Washington experience).

(9:29) Palin’s closing remarks. Takes a shot at how the media has been portraying her before going into a well spoken (although highly scripted) tale of how “We don’t pass it to our children in the bloodstream; we have to fight for it and protect it, and then hand it to them so that they shall do the same”.

(9:30) Biden’s closing remarks. Talks about how he and Obama mark progress “on whether or not someone can pay their mortgage, whether or not they can send their kid to college, whether or not they’re able to, when they send their child to fight, that they are the best equipped and they have everything they need.”

So, with the VP debate over we have our standings at

Palin Biden
Gaffes 7 5
Word Main Street: 3 times Fundamental: 11
Quirk Winks: 4 times Third Person reference: 4

Biden threw some good punches attacking McCain/Palin on their maverick status and on their plan for the war in Iraq. Palin hit Obama/Biden back on their progressive thinking stance. Who wo… oh hey, the Bat Signal! Gotta run!



Liveblogging Debate 2008

September 26, 2008

7:59 PM (All times CDT)

Getting ready to liveblog the debate. Hopefully there won’t be too much commentary.



8:03 PM

No sound at all? Now that should be interesting. Oh, financial question first. Here we go!
Main Street vs. Wall Street. Good start. College. Very important point. Fast, but not too fast, addressing that $700bn is a lot of money. Measuring the economy by the middle class, thank you, Mr. Obama.

8:06 PM

Someone tell McCain that Sen. Kennedy is out of the hospital now. Whoops! McCain speaks a lot slower… and therefore says a lot less. And ha, five minutes is enough time to work out an agreement! Truth!


A Twitterer points out that McCain has already said that he is tired as a defense of his condition and whatever may happen. Interesting idea. And many people are already addressing McCain’s lack of a flag pin. I am amused.


McCain has just attached himself to “No earmarks”. This could be dangerous if Obama uses it well. Ah, the no-lobbyists-here card. And turning it on McCain. Back to working with for the people, not the corportations. McCain… Only $18bn? Only?


Obama uses the word “sometimes” followed by bringing up the healthcare issue that needs more attention anyways. McCain, we have to move on. And I think Obama does well looking back and forth between the audience there and the audience at the debate watching parties. It’s not just about who is there, it’s about people around the country!


Sen. Ted Stevens was the one to call McCain “the sheriff”. – From Politico’s Jonathan Martin


Transparency with spending projects. This has been very useful so far this campaign. And good job, Lehrer, don’t let McCain control you in this debate. “Hatchet” vs. “scalpel”. A very graphic statement.


Still haven’t seen McCain’s eyes yet. Hey, the people are out here! “Orgy of spending”? That’s… a bit risky terminology Senator Obama. Be careful. And McCain, you’re not “Ms. Congeniality”, but your running mate is may be! ( may need to be checked on this statement. Apologies for assumptions.)


Not sure if everything Obama has said just now is accurate, but it certainly sounded good, and for the next 24 hours, that’s all that matters. Let’s hope, for his sake, that most of it is the truth.


Wondering about the fun-o-meter of the audience, and finally! Foreign policy! But be careful of using charged words, McCain candidates. Lopping people together would be very bad. Here goes Obama, telling McCain that he is wrong, and explaining why. “No one said anything about attacking Pakistan.”

“Threaten extinction for North Korea”? Really? Where was this? I am genuinely interested.


My, there is a lot of information to keep track of at once. This is exciting. And we’re running over on taking only five minutes. I am not surprised. Oh… a long pause? For the first time in this debate. This “League of Democracies” sounds similar to the United Federation of Nations United Nations. Probably has more authority, at least in Senator McCain’s mind, but I’m not sure if that’s really a good thing.


McCain, it’s a bad idea to obviously struggle over a word. Even one that difficult. Oh, I think I just saw McCain’s eyes! One hour later!


McCain, Israel is not the United States, and you’re making your party sound more and more set about bringing about the… I cannot continue this train of thought. McCain just… Okay. Republicans seem to want to bring about the Biblical Armegeddon. How about we not set our goals on that? And thank you Senator Obama for clearing up what no “preconditions” means.


Suitcase threat right after talking about airport security. It’s a good mental connection for people. Very easy to imagine. And a shift to terrorism, and in Afganistan and Pakistan, not Iraq.


Obama’s on a committee that focuses on Veterans… and McCain is not? An interesting twist there. McCain almost used what seems to be a dangerous word, “invasion”. McCain’s trying to connect disconnected parts, but I’m not sure if he’s really explaining how that’s supposed to work.


And there ends the debate. Should be interesting to watch the reactions, and to get all of the information that has been gathered from this evening. Ah, and a last thing! Sen. Obama was the first to approach the other candidate to congratulate him on a good debate. Points there.


After a short break, I have to say that this debate was near even, at least in general affect on the population. Sen. Obama did a much better job of being focused, clear, and speaking as if he was talking to many more people than were actually there – which is what he needed to do. Sen. Obama also hit many of Nate Silver’s key debate points, but so did Sen. McCain. I think it will be very interesting to see the verification/debunking of statements on when they finally get through everything that was said tonight.


Thank you, candidates, for the debate. It was entertaining, and I am looking forward to the debates still to come.

-Lelouch Lamperouge