Let Them Eat Candy

October 31, 2008

I’ve spent some time counting (you know how much I love to count) after Cookie Monster and I conversed about Halloveen and the vonderful viral marketing campaign possibilities and I have some numbers for you to ponder, ah ah ah.

Instead of spending money on television ads, McCain might have better spent it creating some custom M&M’s to hand out to children on Halloveen. The Mars Candy Company has a vonderful vebsite vhere you can create candies with custom messages.

Let us start by counting the money McCain spent this past week in Florida on television advertisements. Let’s see, one, 100 thousand. Two, 200 thousand. Two hundred twenty-eight, 228 thousand dollars, ah ah ah. Now ve take this number and count the packages of specially created M&M’s that could be purchased at $1.79 each. Five, five thousand. Thirty-five, 35,000. One hundred thirty-five, 135,000, McCain can buy 135,000 units, ah ah ah. These could then be dispersed amongst households to give out during the vitching hours of Halloween night.

Compared to the measly 416 units of ad time McCain bought vith that 228k I think the M&M’s would be much more effective, creative, and tasty vay to penetrate a target audience who is no longer paying attention to political ads.

-The Count


The BuzZz

October 22, 2008

150 seems to be the new buzz word (or number) these days in the media and the blogs.

Bee it Obama fundraising 150 million dollars in September

A viral marketing campaign contacting some 150 organizations to spread the word about a new book entitled “Green Collar Economy”

Or even 150 early voters standing outside a Florida voting office

To a crowd of 150 at a democratic rally at J.R. Tucker High in Henrico County, a suburb of Richmond, Virgina

Oh, and the fuss about the RNC spending over 150K on Palin’s wardrobe

-Buzz Bee