What Obama Left Out

October 29, 2008

Watching Barack Obama’s 30 minute ad before the final game of the 2008 World Series (congrats to the Phillies) I couldn’t help but notice Barack left something out. Throughout the entirety of the advertisement, I never heard Obama mention his opponent. Instead, Obama focused in on real American families facing real American issues and explained how he will solve these problems.

This has always been the quality I have admired most about Obama’s campaign; Obama’s ability to focus on himself and his plans for change instead of trying to cut into his opponent.

Despite all of the attempts to discredit Obama’s vie for the White House it seems like none of them are the kryptonite that can take him down. I look forward to November 5th when Obama can don the mantle of President of the United States and start making the change this country is clamoring (or dare I say Hoping) for.

-Captain America


Eight Years Later

October 28, 2008

Things look something like this…

-Michigan J. Frog

A Rectangle is Not Always a Square

October 23, 2008

So there’s been a lot of recent news about Rep. Mahoney (D-FL) and Rep. Murtha (D-PA) and their related scandals circling the blogs, but, while they are possibly running for re-election in their respective states, they are two people, not the entire Democratic party.

Now, the same could be said of (members of the GOP) who have also been involved in similar scandals and other things that have gotten them removed from office – or at least not re-elected, but I believe that the difference between how the parties characterize themselves affects the perception of the people.

When a person attests to high moral standards and to religious tenants, they are held to those high-set bars, and falling so far below them – as these people have done – looks even worse than it would otherwise. The person who comes out and says, “I am not perfect, but I’m going to do the best that I can, and strive for these standards, though I may fail at times” is not held as accountable to those high standards and tenants.

It is similar to the difference between stretching the truth and outright lying – and this matter is made even more complicated by those same statements about standards.

I know that people on both sides have done awful things that should get them removed from office at the soonest possible moment, but really, who would you want representing you in government: people who set high standards – only to either succeed somewhat or fail horribly, or those who admit they’re not perfect, but try to meet the high standards anyway – come success or failure?

– The Laughing Man

The BuzZz

October 22, 2008

150 seems to be the new buzz word (or number) these days in the media and the blogs.

Bee it Obama fundraising 150 million dollars in September

A viral marketing campaign contacting some 150 organizations to spread the word about a new book entitled “Green Collar Economy”

Or even 150 early voters standing outside a Florida voting office

To a crowd of 150 at a democratic rally at J.R. Tucker High in Henrico County, a suburb of Richmond, Virgina

Oh, and the fuss about the RNC spending over 150K on Palin’s wardrobe

-Buzz Bee

Liberal Mainstream Media

October 20, 2008

I read an interesting article the other day that stated next to a nice red and blue bar graph

It’s no longer a matter of dispute that the mainstream media, overall, very strongly leans to the left. Over 90% of journalists classify themselves politically as “liberal” to varying degrees

A strong claim, but a seemingly fair one since Palin and McCain seem to be the favorite targets of reporters these days.

It’s odd though, that 90% of journalists claim to be liberal to some degree when journalists are suppose to be unbiased in their presentation of information. Why would 90% of them “lean left” as the article states? Perhaps it has something to do with the principles of liberalism.

Liberalism is said to emphasizes individual rights, such as freedom of thought and speech. These are two very important freedoms that allow journalism to exist in its non-biased capacity. This “liberal lean” is probably more indicative of a journalists views on freedom of speech/press than it is on their political ideology.

-Spider Man

The BuzZz

October 18, 2008

The media is all a buzz with a certain Joe the plumber mentioned in a certain presidential debate.

Fun factoid: Joe has done more press conferences than Sarah Palin

Update: More interesting facts about Joe

-Buzz Bee

McCain’s Message

October 13, 2008

Why do I get the feeling that John McCain gets his campaign advice from Family Guy?

– Brain