The Battleground

September 23, 2008

I have to say that this election is turning into one of the most interesting and strangest set ups I have seen. See, I’m pretty sure that it is John McCain who is running for President, but it seems as though Palin and the media don’t think so. They seem to enjoy pitting her against Barack Obama, instead of her equivalent on the rival party’s ticket, Joe Biden.

There are several other battles going on here. The first and most prominent is, of course, Obama vs. Palin/McCain McCain/Palin, which seems to continually focus on Obama vs. Palin.

We’ve also got what should be the main debating point, Obama vs. McSame, as well as Now we get to some interesting ones!

McCains vs. McCain – his own family doesn’t support him!

Oh, and don’t forget Media vs. Palin: (We’re at 36, as of 9/22)

And there’s one particular match-up that I find extremely interesting:

McCain vs. Palin.

Seems the Republicans combat themselves as much as the other party.

-Han Solo