Back to the Future (Part Deuce)

September 23, 2008

Now that the flux capacitor has cooled and I’ve refueled the DeLorean (great scott that was expensive) we can resume looking at the Palin Phenomenon and how McCain’s vice presidential choice was nothing more than a political stunt.

As we rev up the engine to 88 miles per hour I’ll set the course back even further than last time to see what would happen if Hillary Clinton was chosen as the presidential nominee for the Democratic party.

Now, as you well know, Hillary’s absence from Obama’s ticket has been cited as one of the primary reason for McCain’s choice of Sarah Palin, which is out maneuvered if Obama chooses Hillary to be his VP. On this trip I shall go back and place Hillary in the presidential candidate position giving McCain more to loose if he chooses Palin as his VP.

Instead of focusing on what Palin brings to McCain’s ticket that Hillary trumps, as we did last time, I’ll instead focus on the stance McCain would need to take to oppose Hillary Clinton’s ticket that Palin would not contribute to.

Simply put, McCain would need a strong VP to help him stand against a strong woman like Hillary Clinton. Palin is just not the person for the job when McCain has choices like Mitt Romney.

Besides, Sarah Palin’s political half life seems to be reaching it’s peak even as we speak.

-Doc Brown


Back to the Future (Part 1)

September 17, 2008

The Palin Phenomenon. It’s something no one could have foreseen, but it seems to have breathed life back in the McCain campaign.

But how much of McCain’s choice was sensation and show and how much of it was actual political prowess?

I, Doctor Emmett Brown, will use the power of my greatest invention, the flux capacitor, to travel back in time and show you how things would be had events unfolded differently.

The first question at hand: Does John McCain choose Sarah Palin as his VP if Hillary Clinton is announced as Barack Obama’s vice presidental running mate?

A list of strong points that Sarah Palin brings to McCain’s campaign that are rendered useless against a Hillary VP ticket should shed some light on this quandary.

So again, does McCain choose Palin as his VP if Hillary is on the ticket with Obama?

No. Palin would have been about as useful as a depleted power cell in a time machine to McCain’s campaign.

McCain picks someone with more grounding in politics like Mitt Romney or Tom Ridge who compliment McCain’s experience card so the GOP can hammer this point home against Obama. In these turbulent times what could possibly be better than experience?

-Doc Brown