On Choosing a Sidekick

September 2, 2008

When I learned of McCain’s choice for his Vice Presidential running mate I had to pause for a second in the Bat Cave and seriously consider what McCain was trying to do. While it would appear that announcing Sarah Palin, Alaska’s interim governor, as his Vice Presidential choice was a brilliant strategic move, it was in fact not a smart pick.

When choosing a sidekick an important thing to note is that he (or she) will become a foil of you. In the case of McCain, Palin will only serve to make him look older and more senile, while on the other side Joe Biden will amplify Barack Obama’s youth.

Or does he even need the help? (Notice how he fidgets with his wedding ring and keeps checking out Palin)

Experience is important because there will be times when the hero (or President) will be unable to act upon a situation. I know I can rely on Robin to get the job done, but how ready is Sarah Palin to pick up the mantle of President should John McCain become unable to perform his duties? Dying aside (the average life expectancy of a male in the United States is roughly 75 years and McCain is 72!) there is always the chance he has a relapse of his cancer or any number of other health issues that would Palin in the driver’s seat.

Perhaps John McCain chose Palin because it would bring those PUMAs over from the Democrats who are still bitter about Obama getting the nomination, but is it worth the risk?

But among the critical undecideds, the Palin pick made only 6 percent more likely to vote for McCain; and it made 31 percent less likely to vote for him. 49 percent said it would have no impact, and 15 percent remained unsure. More to the point: among undecideds, 59 percent said Palin was unready to be president. Only 6 percent said she was. If the first criterion for any job is whether you’re ready for it, this is a pretty major indictment of the first act of McCain’s presidential leadership.

Either way, many people are saying that McCain’s choice was enough to ruin Obama’s DNC bounce, but that it will not age well as more and more is revealed about McCain’s new sidekick in the coming months.

– Batman