On Magic

September 29, 2008

We all know magic is nothing but smoke and mirrors. A little abracadabra and a magician can appear to saw a woman in half or pull a rabbit out of a hat. The same can be said of politics where the best politician is one who can control the audience like a magician. With a little magic even the worst politician can seem like a hero.

Many liberal bloggers have quipped John McCain’s attempt at disrupting the first presidential debate as nothing but a stunt. I have to agree with them if for no other reason than McCain didn’t handle his audience well. Every magician knows it’s easy to divert attention and make it look like things are happening, but McCain simply blundered the whole thing (it took him 22 hours to take a 1 hour plane flight). McCain could have easily flow to Washington, “disappeared” for a period of time, claimed he was working on the bailout plan and no one could have said any different.

Rumor has it that McCain’s next big trick will be to use Sarah Palin’s daughter Bristol to pull another hocus-pocus act and once again disrupt the presidential race. The marriage of Brisol Palin to baby daddy Levi Johnston “would be fantastic” to quote a McCain insider in this post.

I would be suprised if McCain actually tried this one because too many people would look at it as another political stunt instead of a genuinly important event. He already gambled once and lost, he’d be really going all in with that one.

But then again what would McCain have to lose?

-Harry Houdini